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Animal ID

Animal ID Corporation is a group of passionate people from the US and Ukraine that has been providing global pet industry solutions since 2011. The international online platform Animal ID for the identification and registration of animals has more than 350,000 registered animals from more than 70 countries, and has its own mobile application for pet owners. It produces digital identifiers such as QR passports and microchips, and automates animal shelters and adoption worldwide.

Our core product is a comprehensive platform for responsible pet owners and innovative pet brands called animal-id.net, which includes a specially designed mobile application. QR passport Animal ID is a tag with a QR code, which provides an identifier in the international single database of animal registration Animal IDs. It identifies the animal and gives access to its online profile with important information: contacts of the owner, copies of medical documents and more.




Optimeal®️ is a super-premium Ukrainian brand of pet food produced by the family-owned company Kormotech. The result of an innovative alliance of nature and nutritional science, these optimally balanced formulas for cats and dogs were created to support the immune systems of pets of all ages and breeds for many years to come.

Optimeal’s products provide complete and balanced nutrition that supports the immune system through the use of antioxidants such as vitamins E and C, along with other nutrients known to support the health and wellness of pets, like vitamin A, Zinc and Selenium. Each recipe is developed by scientists and animal nutritionists, approved by veterinarians, made without GMO ingredients, chicken/poultry by-product meals, corn, wheat or soy, artificial colors or preservatives. Every Optimeal recipe now available in the US is prepared in accordance with AAFCO and the most demanding manufacturing standards at Kormotech’s own state-of-the-art production plant based in Prylbychi village near Lviv, Ukraine.



The COLLAR Company is a family-owned business and its history started from the first collar which was made by Yuriy Sinitsa and his father from the army belt for his dog. Since 1995 The COLLAR Company has grown into an international company with a team of 500+ employees and a presence in 78 countries. COLLAR Company successfully passed certification ISO 9001:2015 in 2021. It approves that all the processes of management and production meet international quality standards and regulations. The COLLAR Company collaborated with NASA and Warner Bros. We got copyright permission from Warner Bros. and our WAUDOG DC Comics series is licensed. WAUDOG pet accessories are available on the official NASA Agency site. Company has its own R&D department, it helps us to produce innovative high-quality products with unique characteristics. All WAUDOG pet products go with QR ID tags and it allows to register pets in international database and create a profile. Company follows eco trends, tries to preserve natural resources and reduce manufacturing pollution. And we are proud of our social projects such as canine-assisted therapy, assistance to animal shelters and the sports complex “Chernihiv-Arena” built by the COLLAR Company. The first Dog Puller competition which we held was in 2012 and was based on the main exercises with Puller, innovative fitness tool for dogs. The International Federation of Dog Puller organized three World Championships in 2018, 2019 and 2021. We offer a direct lifetime warranty for our customers and provide free trade equipment for our partners.

The company’s main production areas are:

  • pet accessories: collars; harnesses; and leashes made from leather, nylon and Collartex, an innovative material designed by us.
  • ultra-lightweight pet clothes AiryVest;
  • pet toys and fitness tools: Puller, Flyber, Liker, PitchDog, GigWi;
  • wooden cat filler SuperCat;
  • aquaristics: lamps, pomps, heaters, aquaponic sets, and other AquaLighter products;
  • the first flea tablet for cats and dogs, Superium Spinosad. This is a new line of veterinary products production.


Harley & Cho

Ukrainian manufacturer of goods for pets and those who love them. We make everything you need for a comfortable life: sunbeds, pillows, bowls, accessories, toys, hammocks, rugs and more. We use only certified materials and quality raw materials.

We produce goods in the categories of sleep, food, rest and travel:

  • Sleep and rest: sunbeds, orthopedic mattresses, pillows, houses, rugs, blankets
  • Food: bowls on stands, bowls for medium and large dogs
  • Goods for travel: hammocks for cars, car seats for dogs, travel mats
  • Toys and games: all toys have interactive elements to keep your pet interested. Made of furniture fabrics and stitched with reinforced threads.



We started in 2016 with an idea to create simple, practical, easy to use items that both pets and pet owners will enjoy. Each model or accessory is designed and created with a love for pets. Beginning as a handmade hobby shop, we grew into a design studio to serve our four-legged friends and their humans. We have been working for over six years. We sell our clothes in more than 50 countries. Every day we try to improve our product.

Clothing and accessories for dogs and their people, but the main product remains to clothe, namely membrane overalls for dogs.



SPOKK is a “smartphone insurance” with affordable microinsurance products and a full range of online services. Users can purchase a policy with a few clicks, apply for a loss online, find out the decision on the insured event almost instantly and receive a refund directly to their payment card. The idea to create a startup grew out of the founders’ experience, who have been working together in the insurance market for more than 37 years.

Online accident insurance for pets, which covers the following:

  • Poisoning
  • Bites of other animals
  • Road accidents
  • Falling from a height
  • Domestic injuries
  • Injuries received while walking
  • Weapon damage
  • Unlawful actions of third parties



We create practical accessories with creativity and care for our furry friends. Every seam, every knot, and drawing on our products are made by hand. We use only proven materials from our manufacturers and durable European fittings in our work. We take an individual approach to each client and his owner so that you can choose ready-made accessories to your liking and custom order according to individual dog sizes or with personalization. Our products can be found throughout Ukraine and abroad!

Stylish designer clothes and accessories for dogs: collars, leashes, harnesses, clothes.



Vetonline.pro facilitates immediate online consultations with professional vets. This service is provided 24/7. It is a marketplace platform that connects professional veterinarians and pet owners. Vetonline.pro was created in 2019 as the first online veterinary consultation service in Ukraine.

It is an online service that offers:

  • the opportunity to consult a qualified veterinarian any time of day, including weekends. The service is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week;
  • the opportunity to call the vet to your home;
  • the opportunity to ask a question to the veterinarian and quickly get a comprehensive answer.

This is very practical, because Vetonline is extremely simple and easy to use. To ask a question to a veterinarian, you need to fill out a short form, provide basic information about the animal, and explain the problem. Immediately, the specialist connects to the chat and provides valuable advice.


Association of Pets&People Understanding

An educational project for a happy coexistence with animals. Association of Pets&People Understanding – a public organization and an international association of zoo industry specialists with pet owners for the general growth of well-being within the framework of the concept of the 5 freedoms of animals. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of dogs and cats, making the people around them happier, based on the concept of 5 freedoms and scientific research.

1. Tereweni is a unique Ukrainian project of the Association, which combines benefits for animals and comfort and recreation for people. On our YouTube channel, we discuss complex things in simple language, so that more owners can join the conscious care of animals with ease and pleasure.
2. Book and diary by Oksana Galan. The book “With whom I live. A Short Course in Understanding Dogs” and Diary of a Happy Dog Owner, are step-by-step guides for dog owners. The book will help to understand all the responsibilities, as well as make life easier for the owner and the dog. You will learn: how reflexes are formed, what you should pay attention to when a dog appears in your life, what features of the training process you should pay attention to, analyze your dog’s behavior in detail, and create a schedule for his day so that all family members are comfortable.
3. Development of standards for the conscious keeping of animals.


Doberman Group

Doderman Group is your guide to the world of quality pet products that are market leaders. We have been giving love and care to your pets for over eight years.

Our goal is to provide animals with a happy and healthy life through quality products and to make life easier for owners in caring for their pets.

Our mission is to provide Ukrainian pet business participants with exceptionally high-quality products from trusted global brands. We believe that the best products can help our partners reach the top of the pet industry leaders.

Our advantages

Import of the world’s leading brands. We work with recognized players in the pet industry to supply you with only the highest standard products.

Reliable professional support. Our team of specialists is ready to help you choose, maintain and develop your business. We believe that your success is our success.

High-quality assortment. We offer only those products that meet the highest quality standards. Your trust is our priority.

What do we provide to each of our partners?

Pet stores – reliable and certified pet products for customers and their pets.

Grooming salons – products for impressive grooming and stylish appearance of animals.

Veterinary hospitals – certified products for effective veterinary practice.

Nurseries – unique products for the care and growth of healthy animals.

Doderman Group places a strong emphasis on a team of professionals, ensuring a high level of knowledge and quality customer service. The company provides a user-friendly platform for online purchases, presenting customers with a diverse selection of items, from food and toys to care and treatment products. Doderman Group also takes pride in developing its own line of pet products, offering exclusive choices to its customers.

Our in-house brands include:

  • Mavsy: treats crafted with love for pets and thoughtfully selected from natural ingredients to indulge every four-legged friend with both flavor and nutritional value.
  • Iceberg: hygienic filler for cat litter boxes, designed with the highest standards to ensure feline comfort and simplify litter box maintenance.
  • Poo Bags: more than a mere cleaning tool, it’s a commitment to nature and the comfort of your pet. Our bags are entirely biodegradable and manufactured from resilient materials, providing an eco-friendly solution for clean-up.
  • Rioro: a collection of distinctive perfumes for animals, crafted not only to accentuate the individuality of your four-legged companion but also to create a unique aromatic experience that pleases both owner and pet.

The company aims for continual growth and service enhancement, striving to offer customers optimal products for the care of their pets.



USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine (USAID CEP)

supports startups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), aiming to provide support for competitive industries and firms on Ukrainian and international markets, foster a better business enabling environment, and enable Ukrainian companies to benefit from international trade.


We invite new members to join the Ukrainian Pet Alliance!

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We invite new members to join the Ukrainian Pet Alliance!

Contact us for details